the best part of having friends who don’t have a tumblr is using commonplace expressions from the internet and having rl people think you’re HILARIOUS

fyi, “i need this because of reasons” is a fucking hit

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  13. thesamiproject said: Legitimately true.
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  15. anoldblogbye said: alternatively “i can’t even” just confuses people
  16. nerdyninjanicole said: i said ‘i can’t math’ the other day and the person i was with thought it was the funniest thing.
  17. ash-williams said: i said that once like a week ago i think and my friend just cracked the fuck up and i’m like… what makes that so funny? it’s like they just go OH MAN THAT IS SO HILARIOUS!!! REASONS!! WHAT REASONS COULD YOU NEED THAT FOR?! YOU’RE A HOOT!!
  18. thatsveryood said: also, making obscure buffy or firefly quotes to people who’ve never seen it. like the pumpkin patch quote.
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